Are you wondering how to find the best spot for winter stargazing in Texas? Uvalde County is a popular destination for stargazing in clear conditions with low light pollution. Our cozy spot near the Frio River in Concan, Texas is a great place to stay when chasing the stars in Texas!

Magic happens in the skies of Fort Inge Park near Uvalde once winter settles over Texas. This spot has been handpicked by the cosmos as one of the best places for stargazing in Texas. In fact, all of Texas Hill Country offers ideal stargazing conditions.

People come from all over the country to watch clear skies kiss the hills of Texas. Are you eager to get out of the city for some Texas stargazing under open skies? Check out tips for winter stargazing around Fort Inge Park near Uvalde.

Why Is Texas Stargazing Better in the Winter?

Stargazing is actually better in the winter everywhere. While Texan night skies are beautiful all year round, cold air helps create a magical experience. Cold air holds less of the hazy, thick moisture that creates that classic “balmy’ summer feel. Clear, haze-free winter skies make stars appear much brighter.

Winter also offers more time for stargazing. This is especially important if you’re trying to plan a stargazing trip with the whole family in Texas. Dark skies that appear just after dinner are ideal for little ones with early bedtimes. By contrast, proper summertime stargazing isn’t possible until 10 p.m. on most nights.

Planning a Stargazing Trip Around Fort Inge Park Near Uvalde, Texas

Light pollution can make it hard to see the celestial shows that occur over the skies of much of the United States. However, Texas Hill Country’s unspoiled landscape creates the darkest of skies. 

In fact, the dark skies surrounding Fort Inge attract hordes of gazers on crisp winter nights. “Star parties” consisting of groups of sky watchers pop up periodically between December and March.

What should stargazers expect to see? Star clusters are visible from the Uvalde area most nights. On especially clear nights, the moon and planets may be visible. It’s also not uncommon to see meteors. 

Dozens of stargazing apps are available to help you map out the skies in real time using your phone. These apps make it easy to identify what you are looking at. 

Are There Other Good Spots for Texas Stargazing?

While Fort Inge Park is a great area to focus on when planning a trip for stargazing in Texas, it’s far from the only prime spot. Another great spot to stargaze near Uvalde, Texas is Lost Maples State Natural Area. 

Lost Maples is located in Vanderpool, Texas and is considered one of the country’s premier stargazing spots. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Uvalde. Famous for accommodating the needs of stargazers, Lost Maples is a natural area defined by the stunning wildflowers and rugged canyon walls that hug the banks of the Sabinal River. 

Stargazing at Lost Maples is so popular that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department actually provides a meter that monitors real-time sky darkness for the best viewing conditions.

Pro Travel Tip: Don’t Forget the Bats in Uvalde

When coming to Uvalde County for after-dark adventures, don’t skip opportunities for bat viewing. The famed Frio Bat Cave is where visitors can view up to 10 million Mexican free-tailed bats ascend into the evening sky from their natural habitat. This is the second largest bat population in the United States that is open to the public. 

Vantage points near the Frio Bat Cave allow viewers to see the stream of bats from multiple angles. The bat cluster is so powerful that it’s common to feel a rush of air breeze over your body as the bats flap their wings. Make sure you come right before sunset as that is when they take off. 

How to Prepare for a Texas Stargazing Trip

While the mild Texas weather makes stargazing in Texas Hill Country a much easier feat than chasing aurora borealis in Reykjavik, proper preparation is still essential. Being prepared can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a great time stargazing. 

It’s also helpful to know what to expect when looking at the winter sky.  

  • Know What to Expect
    During the winter months, the list of wonders on display in the Northern Hemisphere includes the Andromeda Galaxy, Sirius, Orion, Perseus, and Taurus. A telescope is a worthy investment when trekking to Uvalde County for stargazing. However, amateur stargazers can simply enjoy the netting of sparkles spread out before them as they rest in the grass.
  • Dress Appropriately
    The best stargazing typically happens on the coolest nights because that’s when the sky is clearer, the nights are longer, and the stars shine brighter. It’s highly recommended that you dress warm while stargazing to avoid being uncomfortable and distracted while trying to enjoy the moment. Layering is highly recommended.
  • Wear the Right Foot Gear
    Toes tend to get cold first. Some good wool socks will ensure that your feet stay toasty. In addition, it’s helpful to have a pair of waterproof boots to ensure that your feet won’t get soaked if the ground is wet from earlier rainstorms.
  • Wear Gloves
    Gloves are especially helpful if you’re using a viewing instrument because the metal on telescopes tend to be cold to the touch when exposed to cold air. Fingerless gloves may make it easier to manage a telescope. It’s also easier to navigate stargazing apps with exposed fingers.
  • Pack Blankets
    One of the most joyful activities is relaxing on and in a blanket under the stars! While the grass may feel warm and carpet-like during the day, it can often feel cold and hard at night. Pack a blanket, camping chairs, or any other comforts you think will enhance your experience. Some stargazers even bring portable hammocks for the ultimate view under the stars!
  • Bring a Hot Treat to Drink
    One pro tip among experienced star gazers is to always pack a warm thermos full of hot liquids. Tea, coffee, and cocoa all taste better under the stars. Hot liquids can keep you hydrated and warm while exploring nature after dark. Bring along a pack of cookies to enjoy along with your warm tea. 
  • Don’t Trespass
    It’s important to only visit public areas that are open after dark for stargazing. Uvalde County is full of ranches and private farmland that may look like large, unoccupied fields. But, someone owns that land. It’s important to stay off of private land, as it’s against the law to trespass on someone’s private property. 

Book Stargazing Cabins Texas 

Travelers Love Hunter’s Ridge Cabins for the Coziness, Comfort, and Access to the Best Sky Viewing

Do you want to see the jewels of the sky in Texas Hill Country? You need a cabin! It’s a great year for planning a stargazing trip in one of the most beautiful regions of Texas. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay with easy access to Fort Inge Park, Lost Maples, and other amazing stargazing spots in Texas, Concan is considered a top place to book a stay for the whole family. 

Located just 23 miles from Uvalde, Concan is famed for being a gateway to Texas Hill Country. It is also the go-to destination for people coming to the area to visit the famed Frio River. A geological wonder, the Frio River is a spring-fed river that offers one of the best tubing experiences on the planet.

Stay With Us

Concan is a cozy, inviting place for stargazers chasing down the skies in all of the great parks and nature areas throughout Uvalde County. Hunters Ridge Cabins routinely welcomes stargazers seeking the best place to stay in Concan, Texas. We know how to make your visit special.

Conveniently located at 24173 North U.S. Highway 83, Hunters Ridge Cabins offers beautiful cabins with comfortable beds, full kitchens, air conditioning, personal grills, and many more amenities. 

Our dog-friendly cabins in Uvalde County can fit between six and eight guests. When guests aren’t out frolicking among the stars, they enjoy our resort-style pool, old-fashioned campfire, and beautiful property. Reserve a cabin today!

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