One of the little-known gems in South Central Texas is the Frio River Region. This naturally beautiful area has more than its fair share of outdoor activities and things to do, but it also offers people a chance to recharge their batteries and enjoy some peace and quiet (or opportunities to experience some Texas night life). The next sections will cover what’s happening around this popular area in terms of live music, Frio River activities, local restaurants, and local shopping spots.

Frio River Cabins for Rent

Visit Hunter’s Ridge Cabins in Concan, TX and get away from it all with your friends and family. Check out the different rental sites to see which cabin fits your needs, though they all fit six people and come with the same fully inclusive amenities. Stay at our Frio River cabins for rent and get a taste of the Frio River region and see what it is that makes this area the perfect place to recharge.

Rock Out to Live Music

The live music scene in this region is known as one of the best anywhere on a summer Saturday night. The Concan-area live music scene has plenty to offer with everything from folk rock to jazz to good ol’ fashioned country. It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask if they host live music or whether there are any other special events happening at the time of your visit. If you’re looking for some live music during your stay, check out the list below and call for details.

Live Music Near Your Frio River Lodging

Buckhorn Bar & Grill: (830) 232-4755

House Pasture: (830) 232-6580

Joe Jimmy’s: (830) 232-6118

The Backporch @ Leakey Inn: (830) 232-5246

(Friday nights)

Garner Park Concessions: (830) 722-5652

Frio River Activities: Rivers Create Memories

You can’t go wrong when it comes to water activities in Concan—from boating on the Frio river all day long to hiking or camping at Lost Maples State Park. Fishing is another popular activity on the Frio River, and you can even take a day trip to hunt deer or wild boar. Hook up with a local outfitter to get your gear in order before tubing, fishing, or hunting.

People who like to explore will find all sorts of outdoor activities available. The Frio is one of the most popular rivers for tubing and kayaking in all of Texas, so going out on this river should be a must-see on your itinerary if you’re a fan of the water. Many people come to float the river, which isn’t just fun, but also a great way to cool off. Or you can pack up a picnic and hang out by the banks on a hot summer day. Ask one of our friendly staff members if you have any questions!

Get Your Gear at These Local Outfitters

Andy’s on River Road: (830) 232-5444

Happy Hollow Frio River Outfitters: (830) 232-5266

Josh’s Frio River Outfitter Concan: (830) 719-0003

Restaurants: Grab a Hot Meal or Cold Treat

Concan, TX is home to quite a few restaurants, from delicious Mexican meals with an upscale twist to burgers that would make anyone drool! We’ve included a few of our favorite places to eat below that are near our Frio River cabins for rent. There are hearty, healthy, and not-so-healthy (but delicious!) options available in Concan and about 15-20 minutes north in the town of Leakey.

Restaurants Up North in Leakey, TX 

Bear’s Den: (830) 232-5200

Bent Rim Grill: (830) 232-6649

LaLa’s Mexican Restaurant: (830) 232-4572

Mama Choles Mexican Restaurant: (830) 232-6828

Mill Creek Cafe: (830) 232-4805

Vinny’s Italian Pizza: (830) 232-4420

Restaurants Nearby in Concan, TX

Hippie Chick’s River Shack: (830) 232-5459

Neal’s Dining Room: (830) 232-5813

The House Pasture: (830) 232-6580

The Frio Float: (830) 232-5591

Stores: Fill Your Fridge and Find Vintage Treasures

The Concan area is home to a variety of shops and boutiques, as well as plenty of grocery stores to make sure you have enough to eat at your Frio River lodging. Wander through antique stores, the local flea market or one of the many arts-and-crafts markets that are scattered throughout Frio County on Saturday mornings. From basic bread, milk, eggs, and produce to artsy finds at small, local shops, the Frio River region offers all you need—and more. There is no need to BYOB! There are also a few places to purchase alcohol if you’re over 21 years old.

Local Stores

B Happy General Store: (830) 232-6910

Minits Concan: (830) 232-6414

Happy Hollow: (830) 232-5266

Leakey Buckstop: (830) 232-5559

Leakey Mercantile: (830) 232-6299

Leakey Family Dollar: (830) 275-4656

Flip Flop Pit Shop Convenience Store: (830) 591-9949

Liquor Stores: Buy Beer, Bottles, or other Booze

HillBilly Spirits: (830) 232-5016

Leakey Beverage Barn: (830) 232-4229

Minits Concan: (830) 232-6414

Healthcare Options: Stay Healthy and Safe

If you have any health conditions, or just like to be prepared, know that the nearest hospital is about a half hour away, as well as the nearest pharmacy. Please bring all your necessary medications when staying at our Frio River cabins for rent.

Attend an event in our local Concan Texas community

There are a few notable local events in Uvalde county including music festivals, road rallies, and special weekends throughout the year. If you are wanting to see what the latest events are in the community, check out our list for the latest.