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Take advantage of the great outdoors and book one (or all six) of our cozy cabins that comfortably sleep 6 people each. Enjoy the fully furnished rental with stocked kitchen, A/C, and epic landscapes all around. Use the cabin as a basecamp for your day trips to go experience some of the amazing recreation opportunities in the area. Let us know about any special requests, like extended off-peak season stays, our Frio River cabins pet friendly policy, or additional items, and we’ll be happy to chat with you to accommodate your needs.

Endless Outdoor Activities

Go on a Hike
Every season brings something special to the Frio River cabins Concan, TX area. In the autumn, gaze at sunset-like fall foliage exploding on stately cypress trees along the clear, blue Frio River at the local Garner State Park. Winter may or may not leave a white blanket of snow, but cooler temperatures are great for exploring. Spring and summer welcome wildlife out of their winter hiding places and you can hear a chorus of birds each morning. For a more intense experience with post-card worthy landscapes along the way, hike Mount Baldy, a one mile out-and-back trail.

Float the River

There are plenty of outfitters in town that can hook you and your family up with innertubes, kayaks, or rafting for a relaxing, cool float down the Frio River. An ideal activity for hot Texas summers, there’s no better way to cool down than by getting in the “Frio,” which means cold in Spanish. The sights along the way are worth the trip, as there are impossibly tall limestone bluffs, towering Cypress trees, and cool, clear water. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings as you float your worries away.

Go Out on the Town
If you’re looking to get out on the dance floor, check out House Pasture and Joe Jimmy’s for lively music that you can’t help but groove to. If you’re a music fan, be sure to give these joints a listen when you’re staying at our Frio River cabins Concan, TX location.

Eat Local
Talented chefs from the area prepare some tasty grub, worthy of a meal out. Grab a bite at one of our local restaurants, Neal’s Dining Room or Hippie Chic’s River Shack, then treat yourself to dessert at The Frio Float. Pick up all you need to cook at home at the “got-your-bases-covered” B Happy General Store.

Go Batty 
For an unforgettable experience, the Frio Bat Flight Tour is a must. Watch in awe as 10 to 12 million Mexican free-tailed bats explode into the evening sky at dusk at the Frio Cave, not far from your Frio River cabins Concan, TX location. This is the second largest bat population that is open to public viewing and leaves a big impression on visitors young and old.

Hop on a Horse
Take a relaxed ride through Texas’ Hill Country by horseback to see the land as our ancestors did. Cozy up to your friendly ride at one of many stables across the area and take a journey that will increase your respect for these grand animals and vast Texas landscapes.

Fish the Frio
Angling in the Frio River is meant to be a relaxing experience, not meant for hauling in giant trophies for a huge fish dinner. Enjoy catch-and-release fishing on the gentle Frio to get outdoors and to say you had a day well spent in the great outdoors.

Attend a Local Event

There are a few notable local events in Uvalde county including music festivals, road rallies, and special weekends throughout the year. Check this list for the latest. 

Are Frio River cabins pet friendly?

Absolutely! When you come to visit, we’d love you to bring along your furry friends for company in the cabins and on your outdoor adventures. Frio River cabins pet friendly attitude means we hope to see you and your pooch on the premises. With plenty of outdoor room to roam (with a leash on at all times, of course) and new smells to explore, your pup will be a happy camper at the Hunter’s Ridge Cabins covered in bamboo and tropical flora Frio River cabins Concan, TX location. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit per pet and owners are responsible for any damage caused by their little rascals. We know you’ll clean up after bathroom trips, but it has to be said—please pick it up. We’d be much obliged if you keep pets off of furniture and beds, though floor wrestling is encouraged. So, if you’re heading this way and wondering are Frio River cabins pet friendly, the answer is an enthusiastic, “yes!”