Located in a secluded area that’s still close to beautiful natural sights, Hunter’s Ridge Cabins is a top choice for those coming to the Concan area to enjoy dove hunting. Our hunting cabins for rent in Texas, offer easy access to dining and shopping in the town, and also to the famous Rio Frio and the nearby Mount Baldy trails.

With nature spawning the whole area, and with cabins being planted among trees, Hunter’s Ridge Cabins offer various options depending on what a lodger prefers in terms of shade and abundance of towering surrounding trees.

Why come dove hunting in central Texas?

Texas loves dove hunting and it’s hard to miss all the camouflage hunters roaming around during dove season. If you’re coming for the first time, it is important to not only choose the right place to stay but also to research local hunting rules

The rules aren’t hard to follow, but not knowing them won’t save you. Even some Texans aren’t aware of all the regulations and game wardens say they witness violations from locals and visitors every season.

Things to keep in mind when dove hunting in central Texas:

Get a license
You need a license and just hoping to not get caught isn’t a real option. Even if it’s a short visit and you’re just teaching someone for a few hours, make sure the paperwork is in order and avoid unnecessary headaches.

If you forgot or left this for the last minute and want to avoid long lines, you can buy them on the TPWD website and use the provided confirmation number if you happen to meet a game warden along the way.

Make sure you have the right equipment
Invest in good ammo if you’re hoping for a higher-yield hunt result. There are cheaper shells available to purchase, but you truly get what you pay for.

Shotguns must be plugged
You shogun must be plugged to a three-shell capacity for all migratory game hunts such as doves. This is something all wardens will check if you come across them at some point in your route.

There are bag possession limits while hunting
There’s a daily bag limit usually between 12 and 15 depending on the region and on the year, so make sure you’re not exceeding it or double-dipping by shooting to the limit earlier in the day and then later on the same day.

Needless to say, you should also not be found in possession of any doves in the off-season

Doves can’t be hunted over a baited area
You will definitely be cited if you’re found hunting with the aid of baits, even if they aren’t yours, so make sure to look down before shooting. The only exception to this rule is standing crops and other agricultural or natural vegetation. 

Know the difference between legal game birds and protected species
As with most places, there are protected species in this area that you should educate yourself about to avoid headaches with local authorities, along with affecting the local environment. Make sure to read ahead about what’s allowed in each zone so you can avoid headaches that could ruin your hunting experience.

Get some training first
In order to hunt in Texas, you need to have completed a hunter’s education course if you were born after September 2, 1971. If you are over 17, then you can complete the hunter’s education course completely online. Texas Parks and Wildlife has a list of vendors that offer hunter’s education courses online.

If you’re dove hunting for the first time, you’re better off hiring a guide unless you’re accompanied by an experienced hunter. This is to make sure you stay safe, other hunters are safe, and so you don’t inadvertently break any regulations that could get you in trouble. 

When to visit the central area for dove hunting?

Regular open season in the central zone typically occurs from the beginning of September to the end of October, and then again from mid-December to mid-January. To be safe, always consult the official communications from local authorities or check the Texas Parks & Wildlife website for the current season dates.

Why stay at Hunter Ridge’s Cabins?

Our hunting cabins are located in a central area close to everything and great for all types of activities, not just dove hunting. Having a centrally located cabin spot means you can effortlessly go from one activity to another on the same day without wasting too much time.

We aren’t only in a prime location, but we also offer plenty of space so up to six members of your family can stay in one cabin and you won’t lose all privacy during your visit. If necessary, you can also rent more than one cabin when traveling in larger groups.

Staying at one of our centrally located cabins means you have nearby access to activities such as floating the Frio River, hikes, local live music, bars, and food. All this, and our property is still completely peaceful during the night.

What else makes Hunter Ridge’s Cabins the best option?

Cabins are fully furnished and include AC and heat so you can be comfortable in perfect temperature year-round. There are modern amenities such as wifi and TV, so you can stay as connected as you want. 

The cabins also have a full-sized fridge, stove, oven, and microwave, so you can cook as much as your heart desires if you prefer a cozy family dinner over going out. In addition to that, there’s a personal grill outside to enjoy your morsels whenever you want.

Our Concan Texas cabins are pet-friendly, so your whole family can enjoy some time together here, and if you have a hunting dog, they’re welcome to offer help in your adventure.

What if you need a guide?

There are great group experiences guides nearby that specialize in the famous Highway 90 corridor that divides the Central and the Special white-wing zones. They cater to small and big groups alike and can accommodate corporate as well as just family dove hunt adventures. 

There are fewer outfitters that hunt over the central zone, giving our area a general advantage for those wanting to avoid crowded hunting spots. Guided hunts are often held on fields of sunflowers, sesame, corn, milo, wheat, dove weed, and even water holes.

Our cabins in Concan, TX are perfectly located to offer the perfect lodging option to accommodate the needs of groups working with guides and they offer a central location that’s advantageous even for those exploring on their own. We are a top recommended location to spend your hunting time in Concan!

What’s the best time of the week for dove hunting?

Most guided hunts are offered both mid-week and over the weekends, so you can choose whatever works best with the length of your stay and your personal schedule.

Why should you stay and hunt in the central zone?

Our location offers safer hunting because there aren’t as many hunters in this general area and hunting groups led by guides are coordinated in such a way as not to interfere with each other.

Additionally most hunting guides won’t provide meals, but our privileged location easily solves this issue thanks to the available facilities to do your own cooking, as well as the relatively short distance from town amenities and restaurants. It’s very easy for your group to finish hunting and go back to prepare their meals or find a lovely spot to eat.

Central Texas is also the primary flyway of doves, so your chances of a successful hunt are significantly higher in this area.

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    March 16, 2022

    Thank you Trent and Wendy for your hospitality, you guys always take care of us! That’s why we continue to come back. You guys work so hard for your guests and it’s appreciated!

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