There’s a reason why families, couples, and groups of friends come back to Concan year after year to make memories. There’s no need to be overwhelmed when planning a visit to Concan to experience the awe of the legendary Frio River. However, knowing a little bit about the lay of the land in terms of what to see, where to visit, and how to follow all local rules can be helpful. 

Nestled along the Frio River, Concan is a dream for lovers of nature, wilderness, wildlife, and wholesome fun. People come from around the world to experience tubing on the ultra-clear waters of the Frio River. Fed by springs, the Frio rushes through the landscape with some of the cleanest, clearest water in the state. 

Views of towering limestone bluffs and hills blanketed in live oak serve as backdrops for an incredible tubing journey. There’s no need to worry about planning how to get down the river on your own. Multiple local tour companies offer tubing packages that ensure you get the right gear, start in the ideal spot, and receive a lift back to your starting point. You can also visit one of the many outfitters in the area offering gear and clothing for sporty river adventures. 

The Frio River isn’t just for floating. Sit on the banks, wade in the water, rent a kayak or have some fun on one of the many rope swings offering entry across the clear, crystalline waters etching the landscape. 

The word frio means “cold” in Spanish. While you won’t necessarily be shivering as you splash in the river, you can expect refreshing water that feels unlike any other body of water in Texas. 

Is Concan TX a Dry County? 

Many people that are planning vacations are surprised to learn that there are many places in the country that have strict alcohol laws in place. These laws can make it harder to purchase or consume alcohol. 

What is a Dry County? 

A dry county is a region where the sale of liquor is prohibited. While local municipalities have the power to ban the sale of alcohol, they do not have the ability to ban alcohol altogether. This means that people located in dry counties can still legally drink alcohol from the comfort of home after purchasing it legally in a wet county. This is what many people living and staying in Concan did up until the law changed. 

Where is Alcohol Allowed in Concan TX? 

Alcohol can be enjoyed both on the river and at private properties throughout Concan. There’s a bit of confusion among visitors regarding this topic because Concan was part of a dry county up until recently. However, both Concan and neighboring Utopia were recently voted to become part of a wet precinct. 

As a result of the new law, alcohol is now available for purchase at many bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in the area. In fact, many new businesses that serve libations are now popping up to accommodate the needs of visitors seeking fun places to go near the Frio River! 

Bars in Concan TX 

Now that you know that Concan, TX is a “wet” county, you may be wondering where you can purchase alcohol while in Concan. 

The Hippie Chic’s River Shack is one of the favorite bars in concan tx among locals and visitors alike. It’s located right on the Frio River! 

If you’re looking for a great place for stocking up on your favorite beverages to take with you to your cabins in Concan TX, check out what Frio River Liquors offers. This liquor store is a favorite among locals due to its wide selection, friendly service, and convenient location. 

Compadres is another great place to buy alcohol in Concan.  Located at Andy’s on River Road, they only recently opened. You can count on Compadres to be fully stocked with a large selection of beer and liquor. 

Is Alcohol Allowed on The Frio River? 

Yes, but guests enjoying the natural beauty of the area surrounding the Frio River should always research local laws and customs. While drinking by the river is permitted, glass bottles are not allowed on the Frio. The area has strict laws about the disposal of trash. 

Harsh penalties are in place for people who litter or pollute the area. 

Water safety is a priority on the Frio River, even though the river is known for being clear and shallow. Always supervise children when participating in activities near the river.  

Finally, the newly granted “wet county” status for Concan means that all visitors must act with discretion when consuming alcoholic beverages. Do not attempt to swim, tube, or kayak in the river while intoxicated. 

Helpful Information for Dog Owners: As a public waterway, the Frio River does permit dogs. Dog owners should take every measure necessary to clean up after their pets. It’s important not to leave any waste. Not all establishments in the area are dog-friendly just because the river allows dogs!

Things to Do In Concan, TX 

If you’re researching a family vacation to Concan TX, you may also have the task of finding the best places to go, things to see, and spots to eat in Concan, TX. 

Beautiful Concan shows off the splendor of Texas Hill Country. Besides enjoying tubing adventures on a nearly mystical river, visitors can also take advantage of the exciting opportunities for birdwatching, golfing, geocaching, bike riding, hiking, hunting, fishing, and bat flight tours while staying at cabins in Concan. Here are a few of the other activities in the area

Garner State Park

Garner State Park is one of the big attractions bringing people to Concan year after year. The park offers 2.9 miles of the Frio River winding through a sprawling 1,774-acre landscape that shows off the stunning colors, foliage, and topography of scenic Hill Country. Once inside the park, guests can relax under trees while enjoying views of the river. 

Frio Cave 

The Frio Cave is another jewel of Concan. Tourists flock here at sunset to watch the thousands of bats that call this cave home fly out for the night in a display of pure magic and fury. Several local tour operators offer “bat cave” experiences to ensure you make the most of your visit!

Live Music 

The live music scene in Concan comes alive on Saturday nights in the summer. Enjoy jazz, rock, folk, and country music while tucking into some great food at the local restaurants and bars. We keep a list of local events happening that you can participate in while staying at cabins in Concan, TX.

Where to Stay: Concan TX Cabin Rentals with Pool

Of course, how you experience Concan really comes down to where you stay! For a fun family gathering, consider booking cabins in Concan TX that have a pool and other amenities. 

Guests who book stays at the comfortable and gorgeous Hunter’s Ridge Cabins enjoy a resort-like setting with Wi-Fi, DirecTV with hundreds of channels, kitchen, and access to a fully private vacation-making pool! The best way to enjoy the beauty of Texas Hill Country is to book a Concan TX cabin rental with a pool. This also is one of the best places to stay in Concan if you’re seeking pet friendly cabins Frio River vacationers can enjoy. 

Guests can enjoy a hearty “lunch out” without going out when they dine at the new Feed Rack Grill located right on the Hunter’s Ridge Cabins property. They serve up local Texas smoked meat selections that please any crowd. Their menu includes brisket, pulled pork, chopped beef, smoked sausage, burgers, sides, and more! 

In addition to being one of the best places to eat in Concan, the Feed Rack Grill is simply a great place where guests can relax, recharge their batteries, and not have to think about preparing their next meal.

Are You Ready to Book a Stay at a Concan TX Cabin Rental With a Pool?

Concan TX is more popular than ever among tourists now that it’s no longer part of a dry county! The change to being a wet county simply means that bars and restaurants can now offer drinks and cocktails to guests who show up for dinner, live music, and socializing. 

Rest assured that all of the wholesomeness that has made Concan a favorite vacation spot for families for generations is still fully intact. Of course, the growing popularity of Concan means that it’s always wise to book your vacation cabin as early as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on getting precisely what you need. 

Hunter’s Ridge Cabins offers beautiful rental cabins near the Frio River to accommodate all types of guests. Our fully equipped cabins can accommodate groups of up to eight guests. We offer air conditioning, heating, fully furnished kitchens, bathrooms, Wi-FI, smart televisions, parking, grills, picnic tables, fire pits, and more. 

Our larger cabin models contain two bathrooms. In addition, guests are pampered with ultra-comfortable king and queen beds. Don’t miss out on an incredible experience that combines the raw beauty of Texas Hill Country by the Frio River with the pampered touch you get from the luxury accommodations of Hunter’s Ridge Cabins. 

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