Nestled in beautiful Hill Country, the Frio is a 200-mile cold-running river that flows over limestone and gravel in the most exquisite display of nature. Floating the Frio River is perfect for everyone. The shallowness of the river makes it an ideal place for family activities. There are still some deep pools to get completely submerged. 

The water of the Frio is amazingly clean and clear. There is something magical about the clarity and crispness of the spring-fed water that runs through the riverbed’s veins. In fact, it’s the flow of the fresh springs that makes the Frio cold. While Hill Country is famed for showing off the prettiest landscapes in all of Texas, the terrain of the Frio is beyond anything else the state has to offer.

What is the Frio River Known For?

The Frio River is known for being fun! One of the favorite activities of locals and tourists alike is floating the Frio River. No other activity in scenic Concan, Texas provides so much relaxation and exhilaration all at once. 

While the saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas, the real truth that anyone who has spent some time in the Lone Star State knows is that everything is hotter in Texas. That’s precisely why the Frio is such a popular attraction. 

Frio means “cold” in Spanish. The Frio is known for being quite cool. Yes, this is a cool river right in the middle of “heatwave” country. Just one chilly, refreshing splash will make you a believer. 

Can You Float the Frio Right Now?

The Frio is perfect for floating almost anytime during the summer. All you really need to float the Frio river is an inner tube. Josh’s Frio River Outfitter Concan will provide you with float rentals. 

If you’d prefer to explore the Frio on your own, you can pick up floats and tubes at Happy Hollow Frio River Outfitters. Opt for 20-inch tubes for the best experience. 

If you choose DIY Frio River tubing, you’ll need to prepare for being dropped off and picked up at two different access points. Two drivers with two vehicles will be needed to drive to the endpoint to leave a car. They can then head back to the access point in a single car to begin the float. The last step is picking up the car from your access point using the car you left at the endpoint.

What’s the Best Way to Float the Frio?

Tourists have several options for how they want to cruise along the Frio. The most popular option is tube floating. In addition, Andy’s on the River offers kayak rentals that allow you to paddle your way down the river. 

You can also take a dip in the Frio if you’re not quite interested in the thrill of sliding along the winding river. Generally, canoeing in the Frio is not recommended simply because portions of the river are too narrow and rough to safely stay in your canoe without the risk of tipping.

When tubing down the Frio, knowing the best practices for both safety and courtesy is essential. First, always keep in mind that the Frio is a family river! While it’s easy to get lost in the scenery and serenity of the Frio, it’s still vital to always maintain a sense of awareness of the other people around you. 

When you’re on the Frio, you’re likely to encounter a variety of swimmers, tubers, and kayakers during your journey. Keep in mind that people of all ages float the Frio. 

Sometimes, areas of the Frio can become congested. If this happens, be courteous and move aside so other floaters can pass. You also want to “stay in your lane” in terms of not bumping into other floaters. 

Where Should I Start Floating the Frio River?

There are several great places to enter the crisp waters of the Frio. The Frio spans 47 miles of breathtaking terrain, offering limestone bluffs, massive cypress trees, and busy wildlife. While there are many access points, most people choose to access the river through Garner State Park. 

The Garner State Park Concan TX entry point is ideal because the Frio runs through almost 3 miles of the park. The river’s curves are bejeweled with rope swings, fishing poles, tubes, small boats, and kayaks. However, you may be interested in scouting out some different access points. 

How Long Does It Take to Float the Frio?

The answer really depends on how many miles of the river you want to cover. Most experts and tour operators recommend covering about 2 miles of the river for a meaningful experience that will thrill you without leaving you exhausted. 

A two-mile journey down the Frio should take roughly three hours. Of course, you’ll have no trouble finding tour operators willing to help you stay on the river for much longer than that. Several local operators offer guided floats that cover long stretches of the river. These tours can take between six and seven hours to complete! 

Water levels on the day you arrive will also dictate how long it takes you to cover a stretch of the Frio. Always seek out expert local advice about how to prepare for your journey down the Frio. You want to show up with the right gear for the current conditions. Be sure to check current water levels and conditions.

Tips for Floating the Frio River 

Here’s a list of best practices to keep in mind while floating the Frio river. 

  • Be cautious – The Frio River’s bottom consists of rock. This rock can be both slippery and sharp in various spots. 
  • Wear high-quality water shoes – Water shoes are highly recommended for floaters. 
  • Wear sunscreen on the river – Bring some sunscreen with you also. It’s very common to need to reapply on longer floats due to a combination of moisture on your skin and the hot Texas sun. 
  • Don’t forget sunglasses – These will allow you to see the beautiful views much easier. Use a band to avoid losing your sunglasses in the water.
  • Eat before you get on the river – You don’t want to become weak when you’re a long way from your car. 
  • Stay hydrated – Take along a water bottle to hydrate as needed.
  • Leave your car keys with your belongings – Leave your keys in your Concan TX cabin. 
  • Be careful with your valuables – Avoid wearing any expensive jewelry that you might lose. And, don’t float with your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. 
  • Don’t pollute the river – Keep the clear Frio River beautiful by leaving behind glass, styrofoam, or anything that could end up in the water.
  • Never park a vehicle in the river bed
  • Use environmentally-friendly products – Do not use shampoos, soaps, hand sanitizers, cleaning agents, or chemicals when floating the Frio River. 
  • Don’t disturb plants or wildlife
  • Avoid the river during flooding and heavy rains – While the Frio is a popular spot, it is still a wild and natural spot. There is no way for you to tame the raw force of the river in inclement weather, even if you’re an experienced tuber, kayaker, or swimmer.

Also, honor all “no trespassing” signs. Both littering and trespassing penalties apply in these parts! 

Where To Stay To Float The Frio River

The best accommodations when floating the Frio are cabins in Concan TX. Cabins are great because they offer privacy and enough room for the whole family. Some cabins offer amenities like BBQ grills, full kitchens, and community pools. 

Cabins in Concan TX

Are you looking for a place to stay in Concan, TX near the Frio River? There’s no place that’s more comfortable and accommodating for families than Hunter’s Ridge Cabins. If you’re looking for cabins in Concan, TX, located minutes from the Frio River, discover the charming accommodations at Hunter’s Ridge Cabins. 

While our cabins are perfect for couples, our large-capacity cabins can accommodate up to eight guests. All Hunter’s Ridge Cabins rentals pamper guests with heating and air conditioning, modern bathrooms, and beautiful porches. Our cabins also have kitchens with dishwashers, full-size fridges, ovens, microwaves, pots, pans, plates, and silverware. 

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